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Thank you to the Cpl. Brandon M. Hardy Memorial Scholarship Fund!

They gave $1000!

If you are not familiar with this organization, please read the story here.

Thank you Ann Loudermilk for your continued support!

Ann gave $1,500!

We are so very grateful for you, Ann. You are our angel!

Thank you to Cristina Castro for donating

25,000 Miles
through the American Airlines Flights For 50 Program!

Flights for 50 was designed to recognize American Airlines employees for their volunteer efforts by awarding nonprofit organizations with a mileage donation. We appreciate it very much, Cristina!

Thank you to Jake Visser for sponsoring the online auction that raised
so new Marines would not stand alone at graduation! Thank you to all those who participated. You have made a difference in many peoples lives and we thank you very much!

In addition to the auction, friends and family of the November 20, 2015 San Diego Hotel Company graduates raised an additional
Thank you very much for your support! Special thanks to Brandy Raper and the Group Admins who worked so very hard this year to make sure No New Marine Stands Alone!

Thank you, San Diego Alpha Company Friends & Family!
This September 4 graduation group raised:


This group of friends and family of Platoons 1009, 1010, 1011, 1012, 1013, 1014 and 1015 raised this money by raffling 7 platoon themed gift baskets at their Meet & Greet! They raffled one basket for each platoon. Special thanks to Alison Graham who organized the fundraiser. Thank you to all of you. YOU made a difference in many new Marines' lives and we thank you very, very much.

Thank you, San Diego Echo Company Friends & Family!
This August 14 graduation group raised:


Thank you one and all. You're amazing. Your donation will touch a lot of lives. Thank you.

Thank you, Bob Gresham!


Thank you, Bob, for your continued support!

These families raised...drum roll, please...


Thank you so much for all your efforts and most of all...thanks for caring!

Thank you Ann Loudermilk for your continued support!

Ann gave $1,500!

We are so very grateful for you, Ann. Thank you!

Thank you to the Cpl. Brandon M. Hardy Memorial Scholarship Fund!

They gave $500!

They are long time supporters. Read their story here.

Don't Let Them Stand Alone

We have 13 families who have requested assistance through the May 20 graduations. $4750 is needed for these families. Please donate if you can. Thank you so much!


My Marine did not stand alone



Donations are tax-deductible.
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We would like to take a moment to thank someone who went above and beyond to make sure a mom got to the graduation. When her plans fell apart and she was left with no way to be there for her daughter when she graduated, a recruiter stepped in, contacted us and even took her to the airport to make sure she made the flight. Recruiters often times do not get the credit they deserve. They are not only leaders to the men and women they recruit but they actually care about their future and morale. Thank you, Christopher Pedersen. The world needs more people like you!


A Message From the President: The Marine Bootcamp Graduation is PRICELESS for a parent to be at! Our mission is to help that become possible through generous donations (Tax Deductible) from you. Your donations go to those parents needing help. Won't you help today? We have many more applications for assistance than moneys to help. Thank you for helping and passing along our mission and website. Semper Fi. John Weant, Marine Veteran, MCRD Plt 336

Hello and thank you for visiting our site! We are the Marine Graduation Foundation. funds neededWe were founded in 2005 after identifying a need to help families attend Marine Corps Boot Camp graduations. Why are we doing this? We do this to make sure that no new Marine stands alone on graduation day. These men and women volunteered to go through painstaking training to allow all of us to sleep at night knowing they are there to protect us. Only after they successfully make it through training are they called United States Marines.

Picture this: Family Day arrives. The stands are full of friends and families. The Marines are dismissed for onbase liberty. The crowd rushes from their seats to hug their new Marine. They are so proud. The Marines are so very happy to finally see their family. They stand in their uniform, totally transformed! But wait...then you see a group of Marines walking away...no one is there for them. After everything they've been through there is no acknowledgement, no hugs, no tears, no nothing. We just did not think that was acceptable so here we are, 10 years later, helping Marines have that moment with their families that they would not otherwise get to experience.

If you don't have the money to get to the graduation, apply for assistance. People donate, applications are reviewed and if all goes well we will help you with travel costs so that your Marine does not have to stand alone on graduation day. Please remember funds are almost always limited. There are many families to help and many times not enough money to help everyone. If you can get to the graduation without our help, please save the funds for the people who wonder how they are going to get the money to have enough gas to drive to the graduation.

If we all band together we can ensure that NO NEW MARINE STANDS ALONE! If you can help with our mission, even if it is $5, it counts! We definitely could not do this without you! Above, you will find upcoming graduations for which you can specifically donate. If you do not have a tie to any particular graduation but would still like to help with our cause you can do that too by clicking the button below. Thank you, in advance, for your kindness.


I would like to convey my heartfelt thank you and gratitude for the assistance in helping to complete the funding needed to attend Darik's graduation. I could never have gone through life knowing I had missed such an amazing and beautiful ceremony. It is truly something I will never forget, along with never forgetting his face when the Sr DI's dismissed their platoons for the last time, welcoming the new Marines and families
into the greatest brotherhood.

I know that thank you's can never be enough for the help you provided. My heart is overfilled with the love I have for the Marine Graduation Foundation for what you do to ensure that each Marine has someone there for them in this momentous occasion. You all will forever be a part of our lives and one day, once truly back on my feet, I will be paying it forward to help another single mom attend her son's or daughter's Marine Corps graduation.

My sincerest gratitude,
Dawn M Wise
M.o.M. of Pvt Darik Wise

Did you know many employers will match your donation? Be sure and check with your Human Resources Department. It's a great way to double the number of Marines who will not stand alone!


Officers and Directors:

John Weant, CEO, Marine Veteran, Marine Corps League Life Member and father of two Marines; view bio
Gretchen Miller,
Marine Mom, CFO and webmaster
Heather Miller, Manager, Air Force Veteran
LtCol Scott Payne,
Director, Marine
Max Beerup,
Director, FMF Corpsman Veteran
Steve Nelson,
Director and Marine Dad
Stephen Escobedo,
Director, Marine Veteran/Marine Dad
Holli Park,
Volunteer and Marine Veteran.

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Can't make it to a San Diego Family Day?

If you can't make it to Family Day and your Marine will stand alone, let us know asap and we'll arrange to have a local hero there to greet them for their on-base liberty on Family Day.

Thanks to Vincent Leone, a long time supporter of this foundation, who has arranged for members of law enforcement, as well as retired Marines, to stand in proxy for a family who is unable to attend. If you would like someone to be there for your Marine as they are dismissed for on-base liberty on Family Day, please click the link below to make your request.


Bobby and Son - San Diego - 10-7-2011
Lorrie and Daughter 2-27-14
San Diego Formation
Laura and Son 2013


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Holiday Inn Express Bluffton


Help Through E-Bay!
Robert and Son Alex
Proud Mom Angela and son Michael.
"I wanted to extend my gratitude to you and the Marine Graduation Foundation for assisting me in the travel expenses to see my son graduate. This was a wonderful experience that no parent should miss. It meant so much to my son as well as we are a very small family."
Bobby and Son - San Diego - 10-7-2011
He entered as his son and left as his "brother".
Father and Son - USMC
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